You’re Never Weird on the Internet

Felicia Day's memoir is hilarious, thought provoking, and filled with her own images. | A book review by

The latest in my collection of celebrity memoirs, Felicia Day’s You’re Never Weird on the Internet struck all the right notes for me. Honestly, this book is what I wanted Yes Please to be. It made me laugh out loud on several occasions, and it’s a wonderful mix of humor, drama, and the perks and trials of being a sort-of celebrity.

Felicia grew up in a quirky family. They homeschooled her and her brother while living in the south (I can totally relate!). She went to college at age 16, double majoring in math and violin. Though she didn’t have many real life friends growing up, Felicia soon found her people on the internet, and that obsession with engaging with others on the internet soon led to Felicia’s current career.

Felicia is vulnerable about her gaming addiction without being uncomfortable to read, and she covers her struggles with anxiety and depression. It’s a memoir full of geeky moments, awkward stories, and Felicia’s own humble, engaging personality. If you’re already a fan of Felicia Day, you’ll definitely want to pick up this book. Even if you’re not, it’s hilarious and full of graphics made by the author herself. What’s not to like?

Rating: Pretty Darn Good

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