How it Works: The Editing and Proofreading Process

Interested in hiring me as your editor or proofreader, but not sure what kind of experience you can expect? This blog post will answer your questions and help you decide if we would be a good fit.

As an editor, I want to get your best work out of you. I don’t want to change your style, your voice, or any of the things that make your work yours! I simply want to polish it and make it the best it can be.

I promise an almost totally stress-free experience. We will work together to set deadlines that work for both of us, and I will keep you informed on my progress through email updates. If there is ever a technical problem–a file that won’t open, sections of text that have been misplaced–I will work with you until we get it figured out.

I don’t promise perfection–I am human, after all. What I do promise is the best work I can possibly do, providing you with a document that is practically error-free. (Check out my testimonials if you’d like to hear about the experiences of some of my former clients.) I do not do formatting at this time.

What I provide:

  • Two years of editing experience, including fiction, nonfiction, academic writing, and more.
  • A detailed knowledge of American English spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules.
  • Two years’ experience with reviewing and critiquing the overall flow, plot, characters, and clarity of books from every genre.
  • Friendly, prompt feedback and updates.

What you provide:

  • The written project (novel, memoir, research paper) that you have put so much work into, which is ready for a little extra polish.
  • Prompt feedback for any questions I have–I want to make sure I’m providing exactly what your work needs!

Experience has taught me that two rounds of edits are typically best, especially for a longer work (150+ pages). During the first round of edits, I will insert lots of questions and comments, asking for clarification when a passage or sentence is confusing, or providing you with feedback about what works and what doesn’t. During the second round, I will get down to the nitty gritty and correct every misspelled word, missing comma, and unclear pronoun. This double whammy makes sure that your work is as sparkling and flawless as humanly possible.

From the moment we work out our agreement of services and you send me your document, I will work diligently to polish and perfect your work while still preserving your unique voice. I will provide periodic updates and simply expect a prompt reply to any questions I might have. When the complete edit is finished, I will send your document back and await any further comments or questions from you and offer prompt replies until the work is completed to both our satisfactions.

If you have any additional questions that this post didn’t cover, please feel free to contact me and ask! If you’re ready to get started on making your work the best it can be, contact me to start working with me.

About Monica

I am obsessed with all things books. I'm a music teacher by day and a freelance editor by night.

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