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This post is part of the Top Ten Tuesday meme by The Broke and the Bookish.

When I think about books I’ve read, I mostly remember their plots.  It’s a rare book that makes me remember the characters instead, so this list was a tricky one!  Here are the few memorable characters that I’d love to check in on and see what they’re up to years later.  (By nature of this list, spoilers abound.)

1. Clay (from Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore).  I loved this book.  Secret societies and codes and old, old books.  I want to get back into that world and see what interesting and unusual things Clay got into after the events of this book.

2. Katniss (from The Hunger Games).  Yes, we get a short epilogue at the end of Mockingjay, but I’d love to know more about Katniss’s life after the Hunger Games.  How did she start the process of recovering?  Did the media hound her, or did they get bored of her after a while?  How did she and Peeta heal their relationship?  I’d love to know what happened.

3. Nancy Drew.  Because whether or not she married Ned, she’s bound to be out there, solving mysteries and traveling the world.  I’ve read a few college years and Hardy Boys crossovers, but I want to go beyond that into Nancy’s adult life.

4. Lizzy Bennett (now Mrs. Darcy).  Sure, we have dozens of books now that portray the Pride and Prejudice star after her marriage, or from the viewpoint of another character.  But what *really* happened to Lizzy Bennett?  Did she keep her spunk and lively intellect, even as she raised children and floated around in the same social circles she had growing up?  I hope so.  I hope she found another friend like Charlotte Lucas–maybe Darcy’s sister turned out to be that confidante.  And I hope she and Jane found plenty of opportunities to spend time together and have dinner with their incredibly wealthy and handsome husbands.

5. Hope (from Hope Was Here).  Her father figure has died, her boyfriend is at college, her aunt is running the restaurant.  What does Hope do next?  She’s full of courage and sticktoitiveness, and I’d love to see what she does next.  Plus, her descriptions of food and waitressing are so great, they somehow make me wish I was a waitress.

6. Eleanor and Park.  This book is all about the characters.  It’s not about what happens to them or the circumstances around them, it’s about Eleanor and Park as people.  I’d read pretty much any story featuring these two.

7. Sal (from Walk Two Moons).  This is one of my favorite childhood books (and a favorite book, period).  Sal is a fun, quirky kid who has gone through a lot of changes.  I’m curious to see what her adolescence and young adulthood has in store for her.

8. Susan (from The Chronicles of Narnia).  The only one of the original four children who wasn’t on the train to die and go to Narnia/heaven.  What happened to Susan?  So she got interested in makeup and boys–what else was she into?  I’d love to catch up with Susan and see what she did with the rest of her life, and how the early deaths of her three siblings affected her.

9. Tommy and Tuppence.  This adorable couple were always my favorite Agatha Christie detectives.  Their few mysteries cover a long period of their lives, from their newlywed years to middle age and beyond.  Maybe this book exists and I just haven’t discovered it yet, but I’d totally be interested in reading about the adventures of elderly Tommy and Tuppence.  They’re not the type of people who would settle down and live boring lives, no matter how old they were!

10. Harry Potter.  This is kind of cheating, since J.K. Rowling has provided so many supplementary materials for the Harry Potter world, revealing events of her characters’ lives outside the events of the books.  However, I would really enjoy a series focused on Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron’s children.  What would it be like going to Hogwarts when it wasn’t always under attack?  How would this second generation, children of some of the most famous witches and wizards of all time, be treated by their peers and their teachers?  And let’s be sure to have plenty of Neville as the coolest Hogwarts professor since McGonagall.

Which characters would you like to catch up with after the events of their books?

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