Top Ten Books I Want to See as TV Shows


This post is part of the Top Ten Tuesday meme by The Broke and the Bookish.

I am so into good TV series. I’m not a big movie fan, really; I prefer the extended story lines and more fleshed out characters that a series can provide. Because of this, I think television is perfectly suited for book adaptations. I’d love to see more TV shows instead of movies, especially for the character-driven books that I love.

1. Harry Potter. Yeah, this is kind of a given, and I’m not the first to say that a Harry Potter TV series is a fantastic idea. But really, it would be perfect. The Harry Potter books are full of small events during Harry’s life at school, not just the big battles with Voldemort (although those scenes would make perfect season closers!).

2. The Bobbsey Twins. What an adorable TV show that would be! I’m almost positive that Nancy Drew has had her own TV series, but I’ve never heard of the Bobbsey Twins making it to the screen.

3. Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day. This book had such a great premise. I’d love to see a travel show based on the same idea–host goes to a big city and uses an outdated guidebook to tell him/her where to go. No smartphones allowed!

4. Hello from the Gillespies. I’ve talked before about how unexpectedly awesome this book was, and the main reason is the family dynamics. The drama and conflict is always tempered with how much the family members love each other, and I think that would translate into a series I would definitely watch.

5. The Flavia de Luce series. I’m way behind in reading these books, but the first two were so enjoyable. Part of the fun comes from the fact that, although the protagonist is a young girl, the books are definitely for adults. I think that would make an interesting show–and I’m always down for another murder mystery series!

6. Anything by Connie Willis. I just finished reading my second Willis book, and she has already shot up to the top of my favorite authors list. I love the world she has created, and I think historical time travel is amazing. It kinda makes me drool just thinking about it. Let’s please make the continuing adventures of the time traveling historians into a series.

7. Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence. I’ve spoken before about how these two are some of my favorite Christie characters. I’d love to see them get their own BBC show, just as Miss Marple and Poirot have.

8. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Unlike most of my friends (blogger friends and real-life friends), I actually did not enjoy this book very much. It was so slow moving, more about the atmosphere than the story, and it was incredibly long. I don’t much like these aspects in my books, but I think they would be much more enjoyable as a miniseries.

9. The Witness Wore Red or A Northern Light. This one’s a two-for-one, because I couldn’t decide which would be better: a true crime expose, or a fictionalized account of long-ago crimes. Either one would catch my attention if I came across it on Netflix.

10. Dead as a Scone. I read this book so long ago, and it’s one of the few mysteries I’ve chosen to read multiple times. It was my introduction to adult mysteries after years of reading the Bobbsey Twins, Encyclopedia Brown, and Nancy Drew. Just for nostalgic reasons, I’d love to see the continuing adventures of Flick and Nigel.

What books would you like to see as a TV series or movie?

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