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I loved The Martian, and I can't wait to see the movie! | A book review by

I can’t say enough how much I loved this book. And I was not really expecting to! I love when that happens… Basically, the premise is that Mark Watney is an astronaut, one of the first to land on Mars. But his crew is forced to abandon him during a storm, and they think he’s dead, so he has to fend for himself on a hostile planet. This kind of realistic sci-fi is not usually my cup of tea, but this time I was all over it.

First of all, this book is surprisingly funny! Much of the book is told through Mark’s journal entries as he does his best to survive on Mars, and his sense of humor keeps him (and us) from despairing, even when things look bleak. Secondly, this book seems so realistic. I’m no scientist or space expert, but I could totally see these things actually happening. Fortunately, they got a real astronaut to write a blurb for the back cover, and he was pretty convinced, too.

I am so excited that The Martian is going to be a movie. Usually I hate book-to-movie adaptations, especially of books I loved, but I can’t wait to see the movie version! The viewpoint changes from Mark’s life on Mars to his fellow astronauts at the space station to the people on earth who are just realizing that Mark is still alive. It brought to mind a space version of Air Force One, and even as I was reading the book, I could totally see it as a movie.

Definitely read this book, even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it. The technical talk is kept to a minimum, and the humor and high-stakes plot will keep you interested through the last page.

Rating: Re-read Worthy

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