Review Copy: With a Little Help from My Friend

Unfortunately, this incredibly short book is still not worth your time. #spon | A book review from Newbery and Beyond

Note: I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.

Before you read my review, please enjoy this summary, sent to me by the publishers.

A young man from Huddersfield, Gary Simpson, journeys down to London to broaden his horizons, leaving behind his family and the girl he loves. He is quickly plunged into the high-earning, fast-living, easy-loving world of bond-trading, but it is a world that cannot last. Returning to Huddersfield and his old family home, he is confronted by a series of revelations: some unwelcome, others full of potential. Gary does his best to accept his new reality, and finds himself buoyed up by the beautiful words that came to him suddenly and mysteriously on his first journey to London, years earlier, which he has never forgotten. He determines to succeed despite his changed circumstances – with a little help from his friend.

Written with an admirable simplicity, an eye for telling detail and a sense of things beyond the material world, With a Little Help from My Friend is a book to engage the mind and gladden the heart.

Unfortunately, I did not get any of that out of this book.  This book is all telling and no showing, and it’s full of mundane phrases and details.  There’s no real plot, although I thought the idea of this book was solid.  Things just happen: Gary simply goes to London, gets a job, moves to a new apartment, goes home, and learns some new things about the people in his hometown.  It’s unfortunate, because if the story and characters were fleshed out, this story could have been an interesting look into the changing circumstances of life and how Gary handled them.

It always pains me to speak badly of a book I’ve been sent for review, but I’m committed to calling it the way I see it on my blog.  And the way I see it is, this book is not worth your time.

Rating: Skip This One

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