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The Confluence is a fascinating story of long-lost family, conflict, connection, and hope. #spon | A book review by

Note: I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Confluence was such a surprise! I was not expecting to enjoy the story nearly as much as I did. I even put off reading the book for weeks, but when I finally picked it up, I read it in one sitting.

In this story, Naina is about to get married when she discovers that her long-lost aunt is living in East Africa. Wary, but interested in finding out what happened to her favorite cousin, Naina takes a trip that will change her life. She meets with her aunt and through trial and error finds her cousin living in India, but things quickly go wrong. What with the turmoil in East Africa (a fictional country that the author says is a composite of other countries in the area she has explored) and some deeply buried family secrets, Naina and her soon-to-be husband Dev have some big decisions to make.

The story is told through letters from Naina to her adopted son, Nikhil, looking back on this period of her life and telling Nikhil the story of his early years. This could so easily feel forced or fake, but it never does. I could clearly imagine Naina twenty years later, recalling all the details of how she reconnected with a branch of her family and came to know her son.

I have to admit, I originally had no idea why this book is called The Confluence, and I had to look the word up. Apparently, a confluence is a juncture, a flowing together of rivers. And now the title makes sense. These few short months in Naina’s life created a confluence with her long-lost family, with the boy she will later call her son. This is a touching story of conflict and connection which totally caught me off guard. Definitely recommended.

Rating: Pretty Darn Good

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