What to Read When: You Want to Be Outraged

Want to be outraged, or read all about injustice? These books will do it for you. | A series by NewberyandBeyond.com

It sounds stupid, but sometimes, you just want to get angry. If you’re in the mood to get riled up about injustice, here are some books to get you started.

  • The Witness Wore Red is a fantastic read about a woman who escaped a cult-like branch of the Mormons. The treatment of young girls and women is particularly horrifying.
  • The Shame of the NationThis book is for you if you are an educator of any kind. The de facto racial segregation of our schools, and the truly awful state of many of the schools that serve mostly minorities, will either shock you or cause you to nod along grimly. Either way, it’s a fascinating read.
  • Not For Sale is like an introduction to human trafficking around the world. It’s by no means exhaustive, but it shares stories of terrible wrongs around the world along with stories of people who are working to make things right.
  • Catch-22. If you want to be cynical about war and government, I can’t think of a better book than this classic. It made me angry, even though my experience with military life has been minimal.
  • The Restaurant Critic’s Wife might only make me outraged, to be honest. The way the main character’s husband forced her to give up a career and a city she loved in sacrifice to his own career made my blood boil.
  • Overwhelmed/Unfinished Business. In a similar vein, both of these books talk about the roles of women at work and in the home, as well as focusing on the unfair policies that cause both men and women to feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s really possible to have a work/life balance, these books will be of interest.
  • The Color Purple is another classic that will leave you angry. This one focuses on, among other things, the disenfranchisement of being a black woman in the 1930s.


What books have left you outraged? Let me know in the comments below!

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