A surprisingly well thought out study in popularity by a teenage author. | A book review from NewberyandBeyond.com

In this book, the author decides to spend a year following the wisdom of a popularity guide from the 1950s. It’s a fascinating idea, and I’m a sucker for project books, so I picked it up. Once I started reading, I found that the book was actually written¬†by a 13 year old–and I immediately got worried. However, the quality of the writing was actually very good, and it was neat to hear about such a project from the viewpoint of an actual middle schooler.

Maya decides to take several concepts from the popularity guide, such as clothes and makeup, friendships, and money, and focuses on one concept each month. The book is written in journal format, so you can see how each monthly project plays out and fits into Maya’s everyday life. You’d think that a book like this would be total fluff, but I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness of the author and her willingness to discuss painful topics as well as the lighter stuff.

On top of all this, the book actually offers really good advice about popularity. Basically, the book says, reach out to others and don’t be afraid to look silly, and you’ll attain popularity. I really enjoyed this book and was really impressed with the young author. Definitely recommended for young teenagers, but even older teens and adults like me will probably enjoy it.

Rating: Pretty Darn Good

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