Newbery Review: The Secret River

Book Review: The Secret River | Newbery and Beyond

This Newbery honor book by Leo and Diane Dillon is from 1956, and it is very cute.  Each page is filled with colored illustrations that look like paintings–gorgeous.  Although there are a lot of words on many of the pages, I suppose you could call it a picture book.  It is just a beautiful, lovely book.

The story itself is also very nice, sort of a modern-day fable.  A young girl named Calpurnia is worried about her father, who cannot catch enough fish to keep his fish market open.  Times are hard.  So she goes off in search of the secret river, which is full of fish–especially catfish.  Her adventures to and from the secret river make up the rest of this book.

The main draw for this book is the art.  It is amazing.  Young kids will be sure to enjoy it, but then again, so did I!

Rating: Good but Forgettable

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