Newbery Review: Abel’s Island

Abel's Island is an adorable, sweet story of a mouse who ends up far away from his comfortable home and loving wife. | A book review from Newbery and Beyond

This Newbery honor book from 1977 is so cute!  It is an animal story, but shockingly, I really enjoyed it.  The illustrations are wonderful, and the main character, Abel, is a lot of fun.

This story is about a mouse named Abel who gets separated from his wife Amanda during a summer storm and becomes trapped on an island for a year.  He learns to fend for himself, and it’s all very Robinson Crusoe.  Abel is foppish, a trust fund baby who has never worked a day in his life, so his ingenuity and perseverance when it becomes clear that he will not escape the island immediately is impressive.  There are also, as I mentioned earlier, adorable illustrations.

This book is short and sweet, nothing mind-blowing, but certainly worth a look.  Abel is a believable character, as he struggles with his love for luxury, missing his wife, and his lack of experience fending for himself.  The friends (real or imagined) that he meets during his stay on the island, as well as his growing confidence and self-reliance, give Abel’s Island a unique flavor and journey.

Rating: Good but Forgettable

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