Newbery Review: Nicholas: A Manhattan Christmas Story

A charming but odd (and definitely dated) Newbery honor book. | A book review from

This 1925 Newbery honor book is one that I’ve been searching for for many months. It’s old and out of print, and I couldn’t find it at my library or on Amazon (at least, not for a reasonable price). So when I finally received a copy of Nicholas: A Manhattan Christmas Story through the interlibrary loan, I was thrilled!

Nicholas is a boy who is eight inches tall, and he sails from Holland to the U.S. in order to spend Christmas (and New Year’s, and President’s Day, and Valentine’s Day) with his friends in New York. He meets with many magical creatures, including trolls, brownies, and Santa, and he goes on many adventures on the east coast.

This book is charming. It has that distinctive feel of children’s books in the early 20th century–sweet, magical, and nonthreatening. Still, it left me with many questions. Why is Nicholas only eight inches tall? Why did he sail across the ocean just for Christmas? How does everyone in New York seem to know who he is? Is there a cohesive plot tying all these short vignettes together? Unless there are other books in a series about Nicholas, I guess we’ll never know.

Rating: Good but Forgettable

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