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Happy New Year from Newbery and Beyond! I'm sharing my bookish stats and goals on the blog. | NewberyandBeyond.com

Happy New Year, everyone! I love how the New Year always causes a lot of reflection and goal setting, and I’m going to continue my tradition of posting a summary of the books I read over the past year. If you like a good statistical breakdown, this post is for you.

This year, I read 251 books, which is up significantly from last year’s 196 books. How did I do this? Honestly, I have no idea. I didn’t do anything to push myself to read more (other than check out masses of books from the library).

33% of these books were diverse books, which I defined as written by or about underrepresented groups. Books in translation, books about feminism, books about countries other than America or England, and books by or about people of color, people with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTI, or adherents of non-Christian religions all fell into this category. (I’m excited about this percentage, since I made a resolution last January to read 25% diverse books.)

I read a huge variety of genres this year, including biographies, thrillers, comics, and graphic novels. The most significant percentages are the 7% children’s books; 6% YA; almost 16% mysteries (this is partly because I got hooked on a very long series, but also because I love me some mysteries); 14% Newbery books; and 7% SFF.

I read 70% fiction and 30% nonfiction this year. This is almost exactly the same breakdown as 2015.

63% of the books I read were written by female authors. 35% were written by men, and 2% had both male and female authors. This works for me.

55% of my 2016 books were backlist books; 39% were new; 6% were classics. This is a much better balance than 2015, when I read 71% newly published books.

19% of the books I read were published by indie or small press publishers; 79% were by mainstream publishers.

I made a handy pie chart showing how my Goodreads ratings stacked up. Over 80% of my reads in 2016 were rated either 3 stars or 4 stars.

Book statistics from NewberyandBeyond.com

Only one of the books I read was one that I already owned! 3% came from Amazon; 20% were ARCs (that was surprising to me, but apparently it’s less than last year); 36% were from the library (not including the interlibrary loans I took out); 12% were from Paperback Swap (if you’re not on there, you should be!); 8% were from Scribd (my favorite online book subscription); and 5% were bought from thrift stores. The rest were borrowed from friends, given to me as a gift, found free online, or bought from various sources.

6% of the books I read this year were audio books, which is way up from any years in the past. 31% were ebooks, and the other 63% were print books (no surprise, as I still much prefer paper to reading on a screen or listening to a book).

I reviewed 76% of the books I read this year. Some of the 24% I didn’t review because I didn’t have much to say about them (or occasionally because I really hated them); others I read for personal reference.

At the beginning of 2016, I set some bookish and book blogging resolutions:

  • Up my diverse reading to 25% of all the books I read. As I already mentioned, I surpassed this with 33%. Woohoo!
  • Consistently blog 3 times a week. Ahem. Mostly. I did my best, but some weeks busyness got the better of me.
  • Add new kinds of posts, other than just reviews. I did this for a while, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. (My favorite non-review post is probably this one questioning whether or not we have too many WWII books.)
  • Improve my book photography and graphic design skills. I did this! At least mostly. The best thing I did was invest in some gorgeous stock photos and spend a lot of time redesigning my graphics. I also got a logo, which I love!
  • Participate more frequently in Top Ten Tuesday. Yep, but I’d love to do even more this year!

Now I’d like to set a few goals for 2017:

  • Write more joint book reviews. I love reviewing books with other people, and both my sister and husband have agreed to review books with me in the past. Look forward to more posts like these in the upcoming year!
  • Participate in Armchair BEA. This was one of the most fun things I did on my blog this year. I loved getting to connect with other book lovers through this event, and I can’t wait to do it again.
  • Continue to read at least 25% diverse books. This goal is more important to me than ever this year.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2017! I’m wishing you the best of everything in the New Year and, of course, lots of wonderful reads.

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