Never Have I Ever

This lighthearted. funny memoir digs into the love life of the author who has gone 25 years (so far) without a date. | A review by Newbery and Beyond

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!  No matter what your view on the holiday, and whether you are single or in a relationship, you must read Never Have I Ever as part of your celebration (or non-celebration).  I received this book for Christmas, and I read through it in two days (even though I told myself I’d save it, oops) before handing it off to my sister.  It was a laugh-out-loud hilarious look at author Katie Heaney’s “Life (so far) without a date.”

This book digs deep into the author’s love life, which has involved only a few kisses and no boyfriends.  We get to see Katie’s crushes, heartbreaks, and daydreams up close.  While Katie doesn’t have much of a dating history, she’s involved in her friends’ love lives, and we get an unflinching look at the ups and downs of that, too (the guy who made a PowerPoint to convince Katie’s roommate that they should stay together? So funny).

The best thing about this book is Katie’s lighthearted dating advice, based on her own and her friends’ experiences.  The chapter on the kind of messages you receive while online dating made me laugh out loud until my husband made me tell him what was so funny.  It’s my favorite kind of memoir–funny, lighthearted, and written in such a way that I felt like I knew Katie.  So good.

Rating: Re-read Worthy

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