Mini Review: Come, Thou Tortoise

Come, Thou Tortoise is a sweet, humorous story about a quirky girl, her father, and her tortoise. | A book review by

Audrey (a.k.a. Oddly) Flowers is living quietly in Oregon with Winnifred, her tortoise, when she finds out her dear father has been knocked into a coma back in Newfoundland. Despite her fear of flying, she goes to him, but not before she reluctantly dumps Winnifred with her unreliable friends. Poor Winnifred.

When Audrey disarms an Air Marshal en route to St. John’s we begin to realize there’s something, well, odd about her. And we soon know that Audrey’s quest to discover who her father really was – and reunite with Winnifred – will be an adventure like no other. (Summary via

I don’t even remember why I originally put Come, Thou Tortoise on my TBR list. But it eventually ended up in my possession, and I absolutely loved it.

This book has a very quirky writing style–there are no question marks or quotation marks, which gives it an understated feel, even when emotional things are happening. And there is a ton of wordplay, which I am almost always in favor of. Audrey herself is an odd character; there’s no need to question why her nickname is Oddly. She does some pretty crazy things in order to help the people she loves. Audrey may not be the brightest, but she’s full of love and stubbornness, which endears her to the reader. Memories of her father in her childhood intermingle with scenes from the present day and slowly build to form a picture of Audrey’s father, her uncle, and Audrey herself. (The story is also interspersed with chapters narrated from Winnifred the tortoise’s point of view, which is pretty hilarious as well.)

On the whole, Come, Thou Tortoise is cute and touching and funny and understated. All these aspects combine to make a story that is surprisingly powerful and entertaining. Even if the summary doesn’t draw you in (or if it does and then you forget all about why you put it on your list…), I hope you pick this book up and give it a try.

Rating: Re-read Worthy

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