What I’m Into + November Small Goals

I'm sharing my favorite October moments and my November small goals in today's link up. | NewberyandBeyond.com

I’m linking up with writes like a girl for my November small goals, and Leigh Kramer for my monthly what I’m into.


My October goals didn’t go half bad!

  • Have a TBR reading day. I’m counting this one as completed. Although I didn’t take a whole day just to sit and read through a bunch of books, I did request almost 20 books off my TBR list from the library and have read through almost all of them.
  • Get an actually significant amount of cross stitching done. Yeeeesss…? I’m counting this one as completed, but again, there’s a huge amount of cross stitching left to do if I ever want to finish this Christmas stocking.
  • Repair, replace, or remove certain household items. This is another goal that’s about halfway done. I did repair some items that just needed a little hand stitching, but I still need to get my pants hemmed and take a bunch of clothing to Goodwill.

I’m trying to keep my November small goals simple, since I know I’ll be spending a lot of time traveling for the holidays and rehearsing for my church’s Christmas concert.

  • Prep Christmas gifts. I know what I’m going to be giving almost everyone on my list, and I want to prepare them this month so I can drop them off at my family’s house when I visit for Thanksgiving (instead of having to pay to ship them).
  • Dye my hair again. This will be a fun project! I’m trying something new this year–photos to come!
  • Experiment with watercolors. I’m hoping to harness my husband’s expertise with this.
  • Complete the Skillshare challenge. Skillshare classes were a great help to me when I was learning to hand letter, and I’m hoping to complete the teaching challenge this month so I can start my own hand lettering class.

What I’m Into

Books I’m looking forward to reading: A book club I’m part of on Goodreads is going to have its first in-person meeting early next month, and we’re going to be discussing The Girl from the Train. I’m excited to read and discuss it!

TV shows I’ve been watching: I’ll be honest, I’ve only been watching Parks & Rec and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries this month. The first is a great backdrop for my cross stitching work, and the second is a super fun show that I’ve been rewatching with my husband (I’ve already seen all the episodes on Netflix; he hasn’t).

Music I’m loving: I’ve been listening to this song on repeat.

Podcasts Audio books I’m listening to: I’ve read so many audio books this month (and skipped several that I thought I would like and hated about five minutes in). I just finished listening to Words in the Dust, and I found it pretty interesting.

My favorite Instagram:

My sister and her husband visited us in October, and we spent time doing all the great Florida tourist things. We had a great time at the beach (of course).


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