How To: Get Out of a Book Slump

Stuck in a book slump? Here's how to get out of it. |

Have you recently been reading only YA, or celebrity memoirs, or cozy mysteries? I know that feeling. Sometimes it’s fun to binge your favorite type of books, but eventually you’re going to get sick of them. Here’s how to avoid that burnout and get out of a book slump.

Ask your friends (or your favorite book bloggers!) for a recommendation. I guarantee that even your best friend with identical reading taste hasn’t read exactly the same books that you have, but if you’re feeling especially brave, ask someone whose tastes don’t usually line up with yours at all. Maybe you’ll end up with a graphic novel that will blow your mind, or a nonfiction book about a topic you never knew you could be interested in.

Pick a random book off your library’s new release shelf. Don’t even read the back cover; just find a book with an interesting title or a pretty cover and take it home with you. Bonus points if it’s a brand new author as well.

Follow the Amazon rabbit trail. Find the Amazon page of one of the books you’ve enjoyed most recently, and then click through to some of the “also bought” books listed. Keep going until you end up in a totally different genre than you started in.

If your local library or used bookstore has a 50 cent bookshelf, purchase a couple of those books. For a couple of bucks, what’s the worst that could happen?

Try some of these tips the next time you feel like you’re in a book slump and see what happens! Push yourself into a new genre, author, or style, and you might just find your next favorite book binge.

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