Book Review: World War Z

This bestselling book about zombies is incredibly enjoyable and unsettlingly realistic. | A book review by Newbery and Beyond

This book is really fascinating–it’s written as a fake documentary-style book, consisting of interviews done by the author with many different people who participated in the Zombie War.  The interviewees range from military personnel, to children who grew up running to colder temperatures where zombies would freeze in the winter, to a blind man who became a warrior, to governmental leaders, and many more.  World War Z is set in modern times, and the political, technological, and physical struggles that the countries face are unsettlingly realistic.  It is fascinating, and totally different from the goofy Brad Pitt movie of the same name.

World War Z is seen from the perspective of having just gone through a huge worldwide crisis, and each interview shows a different reaction to this crisis.  Some people become consumed with blood lust and keep sane by continuing to go on dangerous missions to rid the world of its remaining hot spots of zombies.  Others write academic books about their experiences, and which shelters did the best job of protecting the people from zombies.  Many political and military leaders struggle with their involvement in a horrific plan that sacrificed innocent humans in order to save the majority, and at least one man has gone insane because of the part he played in this plan.  There isn’t much of the shock and fear of the zombies themselves, since these interviews all take place after the war, but the struggle to remain human–and define what that really means–resonates throughout each interview.

Please, read this book, even if you’re not interested in zombies (I’m not, either).  It’s not scary, although it can be gruesome at times, but it is emotional, interesting, and relevant to our times–often scarily relevant.  Plus, it’s intensely committed to its format.  Even the “reviews” on the back cover and the information on the book flaps portrays this book as a true record of actual events.  I love that kind of commitment.

Rating: Re-read Worthy

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