Book Review: The Truth About Style

Book Review: The Truth About Style | Newbery and Beyond

One of the very few reality/makeover shows that I really enjoy is What Not to Wear.  There’s something magical about seeing someone’s transformation, not only in terms of style, but in terms of their self esteem.  This book captures what’s great about What Not to Wear in written form.  It’s a quick read–I read it in one day.  The book begins with Stacy’s own journey into fashion.  It was interesting to learn about Stacy’s background and her struggles with liking her own appearance–she struggled with psoriasis, anorexia and weight fluctuations, something I never would have guessed from her sarcastic, confident manner on the show.  The majority of the book after that is made up of “Start-overs”–mini makeovers like the ones on What Not to Wear–each of which were followed by tips from Stacy specifically for that person’s body type and style preferences.

The Truth About Style places importance on the ability of style to change your attitude toward yourself, as well as how others relate to you.  It was inspirational as well as instructional, but nothing life changing.  Stacy’s writing voice isn’t quite the same as her speaking voice–I missed the sarcasm and humor that she brought to What Not to Wear, but it did fit the more reflective tone of the book.  If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll like this book.  If not–maybe skip it.

Rating: Good but Forgettable

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