Book Review: Code Name Verity

Book Review: Code Name Verity | Newbery and Beyond

Bring out the Kleenexes–you’re going to need them.  This is such a powerful book.  I can’t say enough good things about it.

Basically, Code Name Verity is told in two sections, from two different viewpoints.  I can’t say too much for fear of spoilers (there were at least three major plot twists, the first couple of which I thought might happen, and the third which I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE COMING, YIKES WHERE ARE THE KLEENEXES!!!), but the plot follows the story of two friends who are working for the British government during World War II.  Maddie is a pilot, who works first for the WAAFT as a radio operator and then for the ATA, flying military personnel to undisclosed locations.  Her friend, code name “Verity,” is a dramatic Scotswoman who loves acting, dancing, and flirting, even during wartime, and is fluent in both German and French.

The book begins with “Verity” in Nazi captivity in a small village in France, where she has been tortured for information and then forced to write a memoir of her time during the war, in order to prod more useful information out of her.  Slowly, Maddie’s story is told through Verity’s writings, and she explains how the two friends ended up in France.  Again, I can’t say too much for fear of spoilers, but please, take my word for it: This book is worth your time.  If you’re interested in WWII, historical fiction, covert operations, or women doing amazing work, this book has it.  If you like stories of friendship (and not even a little romance), female protagonists, or crying your eyes out, this book is for you.  Basically, just read this book.

Warning: There is some strong language in this book.  I can’t say that my language would be pristine either if I were literally being tortured by Nazis, but please be aware that this book firmly in the YA/adult fiction camp and is not for children.

Rating: Re-read Worthy

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