ARC: The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy is a great guide for fans of comic books, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, anime, and much, much more. #spon | A book review by Newbery and Beyond

Note: I received a free galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Fanfic, cosplay, cons, books, memes, podcasts, vlogs, OTPs and RPGs and MMOs and more—it’s never been a better time to be a girl geek. The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy is the ultimate handbook for ladies living the nerdy life, a fun and feminist take on the often male-dominated world of geekdom. With delightful illustrations and an unabashed love for all the in(ternet)s and outs of geek culture, this book is packed with tips, playthroughs, and cheat codes, including:

• How to make nerdy friends
• How to rock awesome cosplay
• How to write fanfic with feels
• How to defeat Internet trolls
• How to attend your first con

And more! Plus, insightful interviews with fangirl faves, like Jane Espenson, Erin Morgenstern, Kate Beaton, Ashley Eckstein, Laura Vandervoort, Beth Revis, Kate Leth, and many others. (Summary via

Doesn’t this book just sound delightful?  And let me tell you–it is!  Whether you’re an experienced fangirl or a newbie, Sam Maggs will fill you in.  Not even sure if you belong in a fandom–or even what a fandom is?  You can discover that here.  Confused about terms like shipping and squee that take over Tumblr posts?  That’s in here, too.  Never been to a con and wanting to know where to start?  Your complete guide is here!

I don’t consider myself a huge fangirl; I don’t obsess over niche TV shows or comic books.  But even I have fandoms–think Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and anything YA.  Whether you’re already into fanfic and cosplay, or whether you’re more like me, interested in looking at cool fan art and funny memes on Pinterest and unsure if you want to dive deeper, this book has what you need.  How-tos, descriptions and definitions, and even interviews with famous fangirls, this book has a little bit of everything geeky.

What I loved most about this book was how it celebrates fangirls.  Many times, females who get super excited by their fandom are looked down upon, especially when their loves start invading typically male-dominated realms such as video games and comic books.  I love how the author talks about this (and about how to defend yourself!), but never lets the bad stuff overcome the joy of fangirling.  Check this book out if you have any interest at all in what are known as fandoms, or if you’re just interested in discovering what all those Superwholock pins on Pinterest are about.

Rating: Pretty Darn Good

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