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More Abandoned Books: The Girl in the Road #spon | Newbery and Beyond

So I’ve added a couple of abandoned books to my list.  Sadly, both of these books were very well written and interesting, but they just had a couple of aspects that I couldn’t stomach.  Hopefully you’ll have better luck with them than I did!

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The Girl in the Road

I originally picked up this book because it was sitting there on the new additions shelf at the library and the author’s name is Monica Byrne.  Oops.  At first, I thought my uninformed decision would pay off.  The book is set in the near-ish future, in a time when world power has shifted to India and Africa.  The two main characters, both female, are Indian and African, respectively, and I loved reading about this slightly futuristic, non-Western culture.  One of the main characters is also bisexual.  Talk about diversity in a book!  Plus, the writing is tight and interesting, fast-paced but thoughtful.  One of the main characters is escaping from an unknown enemy by illegally walking on the Trail, a segmented energy-harvesting path of buoys that crosses the ocean from India to Ethiopia, while the other main character stows away in a truck in order to make the months-long drive to Ethiopia.  I was loving it!  However, I didn’t finish this book, even though it was a great book and very well-written, because there was so much sex.  Grr!  I truly wanted to love this book, and I almost did.  But I’m very squeamish about descriptions of sex, and this book had just enough that I couldn’t skim over it.

Monica, you let me down.  Maybe next time.

Vanessa and Her Sister (I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)

This is another that was incredibly well-written and interesting, but had some things that turned me off it.  It’s the story of Virginia Woolf’s family, seen from the viewpoint of her sister, Vanessa.  It was all well and good at the start, very interesting; I learned a lot of things about Virginia Woolf (whose work and personal life I’m not super familiar with), but when a husband started cheating on his wife, I couldn’t finish it.  That kind of thing just turns my stomach to read about.

If you’re interested in Virginia Woolf, the bohemian lifestyle for the well-off, or dysfunctional families, you’ll love this book.  It just wasn’t for me.

What books have you not finished this month?

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